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motorised blinds

Motorised blinds are chosen for effortless living and have been designed with homeowners needs in mind.
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motorised blinds in Leamington Spa, Warwick & Warwickshire

Motorised blinds have always been a premium product, an extra cost beyond the budget of most of us.

However now at Royal Blinds & Shutters with the advancement of smart technology and battery technology our luxury motorised blinds are affordable for most.

Who wouldn't want motorised blinds. You simply power your motorised blinds at the push of a button without getting up from your seat.

Your motorised blind can automatically filter the daylight, increase your privacy or let the daylight in.

We at Royal Blinds & Shutters can simply fit motorised blinds from the start. Once created and fitted your installer will run through how the Remote control modes work for your installation.

why choose motorised blinds?

  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote controlled
  • Cordless
  • Stylish & convenient
  • Child safe by design

motorised blinds are available and popular across most of our range of window blinds

There are mains powered motorised blinds that are designed for internal window blinds that are hard wired into the mains electricity. The main advantage is that there is a constant supply of power to it and do no not need to recharge any batteries.

The disadvantage is getting the power source to the window in the first place.

When retro fitting to a window the mains power will need to be installed to that window.

There are also battery powered motorised blinds.

You do not need a mains electrical supply to power your electric blinds. The advantage of battery powered Motorised Blinds are quick and easy to install without any damage to your d├ęcor or the requirement for a qualified electrician.

This is the latest innovation in motor technology that gives you a motorised blind that will use very little energy. The battery option will only use what is required, and is only being used when the blind is operated so it maximises the battery life.

Most battery motorised blinds need to be charged around every 6 months dependant on use. This can be recharged by simply plugging in a phone type charger overnight.

Whether you choose mains powered motorised blinds or battery motorised blinds on the day of installation, your expert fitter will present you with your very own compact remote control and run through each mode to get you started.

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