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Window shutters are a very stylish addition to any house. Whether you have a traditional house or a contemporary designed house, there is a shutter that will enhance the external view of any type of property.
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shutters in Leamington Spa, Warwick & Warwickshire

Window shutters can be used in homes as well as commercial properties.

There are many shutter styles available if you have a particular requirement please let us know.

Here is an overview of some shutters available.

plantation shutters

If you want to keep your interiors cool and comfortable all year round plantation shutters are a great choice.

Plantation shutters are both popular and versatile offering control of light and privacy.

Depending on personal taste and requirement, we offer a range of shutter styles to meet the needs of each and every customer.

why choose plantation shutters?

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available with louvres or solid panels
  • Durable and practical alternative to blinds

full height shutters

Full height shutters provide full coverage from ceiling to floor, these full length shutters make a beautiful alternative to glass doors, allowing the user to carefully control the entry of sunlight.

As with all shutters full height shutters definitely are a statement piece for any home.

Full height shutters are the most popular chosen style of plantation shutters having a choice of slat widths, control options, opening possibilities, fittings and finishes.

why choose full height shutters?

They give insulation: Thanks to their size and full coverage of the window, full height shutters can act as an additional layer of insulation for your home, keeping you a little warmer in winter.

They give privacy: Covering the whole of the windows when closed they are one of the best styles if privacy is your key concern. When you want the light to come in simply open them.

Noise control: Full height shutters can also help with noise control – both incoming and outgoing noise. So if you want to reduce the noise from outside full height shutters will help with that.

solid panel wooden shutters

Solid panel wooden shutters are a classic choice of shutter that tend to lend itself for patio doors and French doors.

They come in 3 styles and as well as looking great they give the feel of added security and total blackout.

why choose solid panel wooden shutters?

  • Stylish alternative to blinds
  • Because as a material, wood adds a touch of natural warmth to any room
  • Beautiful and distinctive way to maintain privacy throughout the home
  • Suitable for dry room

café style shutters

Café style shutters are a great way to maximise light, and minimise cost whilst still providing privacy and stylish design to your room.

Ideal for ground level windows and also town houses, café style shutters leave the top of the window free to maximise light into the room and the shutters are used for privacy on the bottom part.

why choose café style shutters

  • They give a combination of elegance and privacy and light control
  • They are ideal for ground floor windows
  • They have a range of colours to choose from
  • Made to measure to fit any windows

our expert made to measure shutters service

If you’re searching for café style shutters or any shutters for your home or business, contact Royal Blinds & Shutters for our expert made to measure service.

We can also offer shaped shutters, tracked shutters and tier on tier on shutters.

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We will arrange a time to call to see you and measure up, let you choose your shutters and once your order is in, we come and fit them.